DUI Checkpoints in Tolland County, CT

Where are the Sobriety Checkpoints Tonight in Tolland, CT ?

CityCheckpoint LocationTime & Date
VernonSobriety Checking Point - Hartford Turnpike VernonFriday May 10, 2024 - 6:00 P.M. to 1:00 A.M.

Common DUI Checkpoints Locations in Tolland County, CT

1. Main Street – Downtown Rockville

Type of Checkpoint: DUI Patrols Location: Main Street, Rockville Why Here: Vibrant downtown with popular bars and nightlife attractions. Conducting Agency: Rockville Police Department When: Friday and Saturday nights, particularly during local events.

2. UConn Storrs Campus Area – Mansfield

Type of Checkpoint: Sobriety Checkpoints Location: Roads near UConn Storrs Campus Why Here: Proximity to the university and student-populated areas. Conducting Agency: Mansfield Police – University Liaison Unit When: Start and end of semesters, major campus events.

3. Route 195 – Tolland

Type of Checkpoint: DUI Checkpoints Location: Route 195, Tolland Why Here: Major thoroughfare with access to local neighborhoods. Conducting Agency: Tolland Traffic Division When: Weekends, especially during peak traffic hours.

4. Crystal Lake Recreation Area – Ellington

Type of Checkpoint: License Checkpoints Location: Crystal Lake vicinity, Ellington Why Here: Popular recreational spot with community gatherings. Conducting Agency: Ellington Police Department When: Random weekdays, focusing on license verification.

5. Stafford Springs – Main Street

Type of Checkpoint: DUI Patrols Location: Main Street, Stafford Springs Why Here: Historic town area with various entertainment options. Conducting Agency: Stafford Springs Police When: Friday evenings, town festivals, and holidays.

6. Willington Town Center

Type of Checkpoint: Sobriety Checkpoints Location: Willington Town Center Why Here: Central location connecting major roads in the town. Conducting Agency: Willington Traffic Unit When: Monthly, focusing on preventing impaired driving.