DUI Checkpoints in Middlesex County, CT

Where are the Sobriety Checkpoints Tonight in Middlesex, CT ?

CityCheckpoint LocationTime & Date

Common DUI Checkpoints Locations in Middlesex County, CT

1. Middletown Main Street Madness Checkpoint

Location: Main Street, Middletown, CT
Nearby Spots: Eli Cannon’s Tap Room, Mezzo Grille, and The Buttonwood Tree Performing Arts & Cultural Center.
Checkpoint Type: DUI Checkpoint
Details: Main Street is a popular area, especially during events like the Main Street Music Series or the Middletown Motorcycle Mania. Expect checkpoints during peak times.

2. Old Saybrook Shoreline Sobriety Stop

Location: Route 1, Old Saybrook, CT
Nearby Spots: The Monkey Farm Cafe, Penny Lane Pub, and Saybrook Point Inn & Spa.
Checkpoint Type: DUI Patrol
Details: With beautiful views along the shoreline, Route 1 attracts many visitors. Police conduct patrols, especially during summer events and festivals.

3. Cromwell College Cruiser Checkpoint

Location: Berlin Road, Cromwell, CT
Nearby Spots: Taino Smokehouse, Chicago Sam’s Sports Bar & Grille, and Cromwell Plaza Shopping Center.
Checkpoint Type: License Checkpoint
Details: Positioned near Central Connecticut State University, expect checkpoints during university events and peak student traffic.

4. Portland Party Zone Patrol

Location: Marlborough Street, Portland, CT
Nearby Spots: The White Dog Cafe, Brownstone Exploration & Discovery Park, and Portland Riverfront Park.
Checkpoint Type: Nightlife Area Patrol
Details: With popular nightlife spots, police keep a close eye on this area, especially during weekends and special events.

5. East Haddam Holiday Halt

Location: Route 149, East Haddam, CT
Nearby Spots: Gelston House, Goodspeed Opera House, and Devil’s Hopyard State Park.
Checkpoint Type: Seasonal Holiday Checkpoint
Details: During major holidays like New Year’s Eve or Independence Day, expect heightened DUI enforcement along Route 149.

What You Need to Know:

  • Who Conducts Checkpoints: Middlesex County Sheriff’s Department and local police agencies collaborate for DUI checkpoints.
  • When to Expect Checkpoints: Increased checkpoints during holidays, festivals, and university events.
  • Why These Locations: High traffic areas, popular nightlife spots, and events that draw large crowds are key areas of focus.