DUI Checkpoints in New London County, CT

Where are the Sobriety Checkpoints Tonight in New London, CT ?

CityCheckpoint LocationTime & Date
MontvilleDUI Block - Route 85, Route 32, Route 82, and Route 163Friday, April 19, 2024 - 5 PM to 4 AM

Common DUI Checkpoints Locations in New London County, CT

1. Bank Street – Downtown New London

Type of Checkpoint: DUI Patrols Location: Downtown New London, near Bank Street Why Here: Bustling area with popular bars and nightlife spots. Conducting Agency: New London Police Department When: Friday and Saturday nights, especially during downtown events.

2. Ocean Avenue – Waterford

Type of Checkpoint: License Checkpoints Location: Ocean Avenue, Waterford Why Here: Access point to Waterford’s entertainment venues and residential areas. Conducting Agency: Waterford Traffic Division When: Random weekdays, focusing on license verification.

3. Montauk Avenue – Norwich

Type of Checkpoint: Sobriety Checkpoints Location: Montauk Avenue, Norwich Why Here: Connects various neighborhoods and hosts local festivals. Conducting Agency: Norwich Police Department When: Weekends during festivals, town events, and holidays.

4. Crystal Mall Area – Waterford

Type of Checkpoint: DUI Checkpoints Location: Crystal Mall vicinity, Waterford Why Here: Commercial hub with shopping centers and entertainment options. Conducting Agency: Waterford PD – Mall Security Collaboration When: Weekends, especially during holiday shopping seasons.

5. Groton Long Point – Groton

Type of Checkpoint: DUI Patrols Location: Groton Long Point, Groton Why Here: Coastal area known for gatherings, festivals, and summer events. Conducting Agency: Groton Long Point Police When: Summer weekends, beach festivals, and major events.

6. Colman Street – New London

Type of Checkpoint: Sobriety Checkpoints Location: Colman Street, New London Why Here: Proximity to local universities and student-populated areas. Conducting Agency: New London PD – University Liaison Unit When: Start and end of the academic year, major university events.

Important Tips:

  • Stay updated on local event calendars for heightened checkpoint activity.
  • Always carry your license, registration, and insurance documents.
  • Plan alternative routes in case of unexpected checkpoints.
  • Exercise caution during festivities, town events, and late-night hours.