OVI Checkpoints in Marion, Ohio

Where Are The Sobriety Checkpoints Tonight Near Me?

CityCheckpoint LocationTime & Date
MarionMt Vernon Ave Marion, OH 43302Friday, September 15, 2023

Common DUI Checkpoints Locations in Marion County, Ohio

Marion – Main Street

  • Location Details: DUI checkpoints may be set up along Main Street in Marion, covering the downtown area.
  • Additional Info: Checkpoints could coincide with local events, weekends, or evenings with increased activity.
  • Who Conducts Checkpoints: Marion Police Department

Caledonia – Marion-Williamsport Road

  • Location Details: DUI patrols monitor Marion-Williamsport Road in Caledonia, addressing traffic flow through the village.
  • Additional Info: Checkpoints may be strategically placed during weekends, holidays, or near Caledonia Community Park.
  • Who Conducts Checkpoints: Caledonia Police Department

LaRue – State Route 37

  • Location Details: DUI checkpoints could be implemented along State Route 37 in LaRue, covering the central part of the village.
  • Additional Info: Checkpoints may be more prevalent during weekends, community festivals, or near the Marion County Fairgrounds.
  • Who Conducts Checkpoints: LaRue Police Department

Prospect – Water Street

  • Location Details: Look out for DUI checkpoints along Water Street in Prospect, covering the main route through the village.
  • Additional Info: Checkpoints may align with evenings featuring events at Prospect Community Park or near Elgin Local Schools.
  • Who Conducts Checkpoints: Prospect Police Department

New Bloomington – Main Street

  • Location Details: DUI patrols may monitor Main Street in New Bloomington, addressing traffic in the central part of the village.
  • Additional Info: Checkpoints may be implemented during weekends, holidays, or events near the New Bloomington Community Center.
  • Who Conducts Checkpoints: New Bloomington Police Department

Why DUI Checkpoints?

  • Safety Measures: DUI checkpoints aim to deter impaired driving, ensuring the safety of all road users.
  • Community Welfare: These checkpoints protect residents and visitors from potential harm caused by impaired drivers.
  • Event Influence: The timing of checkpoints often aligns with local events, festivals, or increased community activities.